A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Let’s start with the introduction:

·   A2 Hosting is a popular web hosting service company offering to host to developers, originally named Iniquinet and built during 2001.

·   A2 offers a wide range of options from shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, shared storage and reseller hosting, the choice for choosing a management level, but for each management level.

·   A2 Hosting also embraces all your preferred content management systems, which ensures that the strength of your WordPress, Drupal or Joomla websites and the capacity of your Magento and Free Card shop are completely configured. A2 Hosting thus meets the needs of each web site and blog owner and also the needs of online companies.

· How does A2 Hosting break from its competitors? The A2 Packages include free account transfer of your installed domains, a completely risk-free approach with guaranteed cash back assurances, guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime pledge and a 20x quicker turbo application. A number of domain names and features are also available to customers for the first time and come with a surprisingly cost-effective label. A2 Hosting offers specialist assistance 24/7/365 as expected.

Uptime Reliability of A2 Hosting:

·  A2 Hosting has an uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent. All types of shared, retail, VPS and dedicated servers have their own uptime statistics updated in real-time. Figures for the last 30 days are given, and the uptime of the specific server is released.

· A2 Hosting’s clients get free access to Server Rewind, which is a custom backup tool that can be accessed via Cpanel and offers database or file restore points.

· The servers of A2 Hosting are proprietary and are only accessible by its own technical team. The company’s data center is located in Michigan, with SSAE16 safe, uninterrupted power supply, diesel generators, and key-operated server and premise access.

Overview of a2 hosting features:

·  Costing of A2 Hosting:

· Does hosting depend on the computer’s OS?

· You may have noted that we are providing both Windows and Linux Hosting services. Which of these options should you choose depending on the software on your computer? You may be relieved to learn that it doesn’t even matter what the os of your machine is.

·  Whether your computer’s operating system is Windows, macOS, Mac, or another alternative, you can choose Linux or Windows Hosting. The operating system of your hosting account is NOT dependent upon the software of your computer.

· Now that you realize you can host with either Linux or Windows regardless of what the software of your machine is, you may now wonder which OS choice you should choose for your A2 Hosting account. What we suggest is looking at the software specifications we are searching for to operate on your host account. This is one of the best ways to make decisions about which operating system you should choose.

How to get started with A2 hosting?

· Whether this is the first blog you have ever visited or the one-hundredth platform, our website hosting services are filled with tools to make the process so accessible whenever possible. That your last step to get going with A2 Hosting is to pick the hosting system and the domain.

· If this is your first site, or if you are a beginner, we recommend our alternatives for Shared Hosting. These are competitive options, filled with practical tools to help you quickly. Shared hosting is simply a perfect way for you to dabble at such an extremely affordable rate via domain registration services.

· The next step to get started is selecting which software should be used to strengthen your page. Can you operate a Web site based on content? You might wish to consider using a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Looking to run a forum website? All common forum app choices include phpBB, SMF, and MyBB. You’ll want the software you want to use installed on your host account. Make no worries! That may sound complicated, but with some in our own computer software installers. Users of cPanel have access to Softaculous,1-click installer, in the control panel, while internet users continue to receive the Application option.

· Why is A2 Hosting better than competitions?

· Most of the components we will not send to our unique pace formula, but we will offer you some explanations of why we are quicker than competing hosts.   Here are some of the features of our Swift Servers:

· Our Turbo Server option, with up to 20X page charges faster than competing solutions, makes our service much faster. Our Turbo servers have a drop-in, performance improved alternative to Apache, more system power but fewer applications per application. Our Turbo Servers also offer a number of readily installed caching solutions in our exclusive instrument Optimized A2. Caching approaches improve page efficiency by retaining key elements of your website in mind, rather than loading through the section of your page anytime your website is viewed.

·   Initially, our Solid State Drives (SSDs) began on Swift Servers. Indeed, we were one of the first hosts to provide SSDs. Each of our Web Hosting solutions comes with free SSDs!

· Latency is a function of the time it takes to transmit data between locations. Reducing latency will increase loading rates for your website. How can latency be reduced? Hosting your information closer to your visitors. At A2 Hosting, you can do this! Opt to meet the community in the A2 networking data center!

·  Our managed hosting solutions are equipped with a free system for content delivery (CDN). Our CDN is a community of linked servers that are geographically positioned and provide the most efficient way to provide your website to your guests.

·  Are you interested in our common hosting schemes? Please consider using our Leistung Plus! Performance Plus increases the transaction resources to make convinced the site is running fast, even during traffic spikes!

A2 Hosting-Efficient for word press hosting

A2 Hosting-Efficient for word press hosting.jpg

· A2 Host not only makes it easy for you to start or run your WordPress website but also loads your account with features that make managing your account easy. These traits include:

·  A2 Optimized WordPress-Your WordPress installation is pre-configured at A2 Hosting with the highest pace and protection settings. A2 Optimized is the result of WordPress users being inclined to load their websites with speed plugins and security. This often has the opposite desired result, unfortunately. A WordPress website containing too many plugins is often slower and less safe. As a consequence, our professional optimization algorithms team has checked a range of WordPress configurations to assess the best and easiest feasible settings. In this way, you can build your site, write and promote content, rather than be concerned about speed and safety. Just let’s host A2!

· WordPress Pre-Installed-When you sign up for your A2 Hosting account, you have the option to have WordPress built for you. Now, you don’t have to think about installing or transferring update files to your computer. Instead, they do. Your WordPress installation or the site will be ready for you! Do you prefer WordPress installation yourself? You can do the same!

· Recommended WordPress requirements— WordPress advises you to choose a hosting company with the best PHP, MariaDB or HTTPS variants to run a WordPress website. At A2 Hosting we’ve got you covered! In fact, our company’s roots started with the latest and best version of the most common software for software development. Although development technology has changed over the years, we aren’t the leading web development hosting company. We even provide free SSL certificates to enable your website at no extra cost!

·   WordPress Shared hosting Option-Want to take your WordPress site to the next level? Choose our WordPress managed to host an option! This turnkey solution was specifically designed for your WordPress server. Our WordPress Managed to host includes:

Ø  Turbo Optimized Servers with website unloads to 20X quicker than rival WordPress Hosting providers.

Ø  The fastest backup on WordPress web.

Ø  User-friendly scheduling of WordPress platform enabling you to check changes for your website before they are distributed to your audience online.

Ø  Free JetPack Personal license including regular automatic backups, CDN Electron file, lazy picture loading, security against brute force and more!

Ø  It comes with WP-CLI preinstalled, making it easy to access the Web pages from the command line.

Ø  Free WordPress website migration-Are you willing to experience the A2 host difference? We will migrate your website free of charge of an existing web host? Please allow our expert team to move your site 100% biggie-free.

Feedback on A2 Hosting:

1. Is it beneficial?

·  A2 Hosting has a “high power hosting” image which allows speed and reliability the highest priority. A2 names its SSDs “Turbo Servers,” which up to 20 times will launch sites quicker than a normal non-SSD computer.

· The highest velocity is not also limited to its highest clients. They also have Turbo Servers with their shared hosting services— though only a couple bucks a month are charged for your account.

·   A2 Hosting has won numerous top hosting awards and is consistently high among the most popular hosting lists. It pledges 99.9 percent of serviceability on all its servers.

2.  Green Hosting

·  A2 Hosting is dedicated to activities of green energy. They also worked with Carbon fund to account for and reduce that Future Serve’s carbon footprint. Since 2007, A2 has been 100% carbon neutral.

·   Whether you’ll be a newbie making your first blog or an experienced developer of OpenStack cloud, A2 Hosting needs to be added to the roster.

3.   A quick overview of A2 hosting

·   Bryan Muthig created A2 Hosting and is renowned for its high power and user-friendly web hosting.

· Their Turbo servers promise site starts up to 20X faster than standard hosting. A2’s primary aim is to create and sustain an outstanding web hosting service that the workers even want to use. In addition, it offers free SSD, unlimited data storage and transmission, free migrating sites as well as more loads.

·   The lowest domain registration contract for A2 Hosting is 3.92 a month. They offer a full refund within 30 days or a prorated reimbursement for 30 weeks.

4. Why is A2 hosting called Green web hosting?

· Since 2007, A2 Hosting has proudly claimed to be 100 percent carbon neutral. A2H is also an environmentally hot organization, working with Carbonfund.org (a leading global company to minimize the impact of climate change). Owing to its hydropower refrigeration system, it’s Norwegian data center has no carbon footprint.

·  A2 Hosting is a web hosting company founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001 under the name of Iniquinet.

· It was initially designed to handle a small number of customers. Through 2003, though, the business had gained a lot more consumers than anticipated.

• The name was changed to A2 Hosting, named after Ann Arbor, the town where it all started. The business continued to grow exponentially.

5. High-class speed & great support

·   A2 Hosting’s main goal is to create and maintain such a good web hosting company that the staff wants to use them.

· These are the four main aspects they work on: lightning-fast load times, the latest developer software, 99.9% uptime, and the first-class committed guru support team accessible 24/7/365.

v    A2 Hosting is one of the most popular hosting providers open. This exclusive delivery has been for more than 10 years now including:

v    high-speed efficiency

v    High-quality developer tools

v    Reliable uptime

v    Great customer satisfaction

v    This Company is known to be respected for its highest speed output.

v    The Single most important functionality actually requested by businesses is super-fast site loading times.

·   A2 Hosting’s Swift Server software has been built over the last 10 years by the IT gurus of the business.

·   Explaining all of the features offered by A2 Hosting will take hours or pages of notes. Actually, that’s a major feature in itself, because it demonstrates that you’re going to get a lot of value for your dollar.

6. How to boost sites of businesses?

·   Here’s how A2 Hosting is differentiated from the competition to ensure the best results for your little business:

v           CDN improves loading time.

v           Multiple backups

v           24/24 and data transfer support for all hosting plans

v           A 99.9 percent uptime is guaranteed with a range of SSL-certified certificates, which will keep your site in a safe/

v           Technology, so that the site is 20 times quicker.

v           SSD drives improve speed and performance Cloud flare CDN reliability

· These are some of the most important deals, but A2 Hosting has many exclusive and impressive features.

·  Both conventional and latest options are available for perfect balancing all services.

·  While they have few features that most other Internet hosting companies do, they are also still in the lead.

7.     Drives: At a State of solid

· In virtually all the host packages offered, A2 Hosting utilizes solid-state drives. SSDs perform even faster and better as compared to traditional hard disk drives.

·  SSDs retain details such as reading and writing microchip requests whereas traditional HDDs use a mechanical arm to process information from one location to the next. SSDs contribute significantly to your site’s pace and charging time.

8. Solutions to hosting the cloud

·  Safety and lack of control over specific data are two of the most frequent problems in all web hosting companies.

·   A2 Hosting is supplemented by Shared hosting with the authority of advanced technology, a special hosting service provided to employees to help them solve each and every issue at hand.

· This also makes A2 Hosting much more reliable. Customers never worry about running away from the sites or becoming unresponsive.


· RAID is a Storage Configuration which stores data on several hard disks. It consists of a redundant array of independent disks. It means zero data loss if a disk crashes.

·   The missing data in the compromised machine immediately transfers to other systems and just removes the corrupted unit. This unique backup feature makes A2 Hosting truly reliable.

10. Tools of this generation

·   You will get access to the many new developer tools available. If you want to get the new, the best, and do not want to do everything, choose a package where A2H takes care of all of your needs.

11. Strong infrastructure

·   Since A2 Hosting doesn’t wish to be seen as “just another hosting company,” it is green hosting, a quadruple redundant network, and regular back-up services are also available.

·   A2 Hosting also offers additional features, including increased support and several support options, for adding value.

12. Perks

·  Such additional functions also illustrate how this web host can load the platform more quickly:

·   Guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime Risk-free money-back guarantee Free phone, online chat but rather email benefit – 24/7/365 Prime +SSD (Solid State Drive) options SSDs boost site loading speed up to 300 percent faster The average page loading time is 1.9 seconds Unlimited bandwidth/data transfer and storage Unlimited email accounts Free server rewind backups (for added security) Single-click

13. Plan

·   A2 Hosting provides a vast range of services, from basic blog proprietors to state-of-the-art company websites.

·  You have super quick output choices for all options. You can choose between: free, reseller, managed VPS, and managed dedicated hosting options the chart below breaks down the various shared hosting solutions offered through functionality A2 Hosting.

14. Shared hosting

·   Shared hosting is the most common web hosting which most people prefer to buy. It is a type of web hosting that is used for most entry-level websites. Both policies have the same functionality as shared hosting packages and some additions as well.

·   The main advantage is that you can already have the anonymity provided to local servers and charge the small shared hosting costs.

· Additional features include 24/7 network management, server position choices in Europe and the U.S., full network access, 10 GB backup network, SSD selection and much more. When you were rundown to three U.S. sites, you’re already going to be up.

15. A2 Hosting: VPS

· VPS or Virtual Private Servers are normally used for sites of medium to large size. This hosting service is essentially a virtual machine able to run a copy of its own operating system.

·   Most of the same functionality as the VPS application but it does have the following extras: 2048 MB

            Devoted Cpu–4096 MB

            Devoted IP addresses

            Cloudflare web network distribution

16.    Servers

·    You’ve got your own server, all VPS has plus a lot more. Of course, you’re going to need to spend extra on this computer but it’s worth it. Usually dedicated servers are preferred for major businesses.

· Flex Dedicated Server This is ideal for system administrators and developers with experience. You customize the system and have the right to use Linux OS, root access, 24/7/365 software management, and hardware maintenance.

· Managed Flex Dedicated Server Ideal for those who want a solution for them. It is configured but has free cPanel, user-friendly management and extensive server administration by Host Guard.

·   Flex Dedicated Server This is ideal for system administrators and developers with experience. You configure the server and have the right to use Linux OS, root access, 24/7/365 server control, and hardware maintenance.

17. A Hosting: Performance

·   A2 Hosting has an assurance of uptime of 99.9 percent. However, there can be situations such as failures and uncontrolled problems.

·   They confirmed that they are not liable for such cases as Distributed Communications Denial and Web Caching and ISP issues.

·  The latter issues are often triggered by maintenance failures and improvements. Before claiming a problem, professional staff from A2 Hosting last performs routine maintenance and upgrade installation.

18. Precautions:

·   20 x Faster Turbo Server This special features from SwiftServer allow a high-speed client performance for every user. Driven by Turbo Drives, websites will be running 20 times faster. Finally, your great side gets a good and easy hosting match.

·   In some ways, they make up for what A2 Hosting lacks with SwiftServer. SwiftServer is the new advanced technology with the highest level of functionality to guarantee the unquestionable efficiency of the hosting.

Here are some of the top-performance apps of A2 Hosting:

·   SwiftCache A2 Hosting’s key aim is to offer the fastest speed efficiency for everyone. As a result, A2 Hosting has constantly been researching how to make the fastest hosting solutions possible.

· In comparison, these problems are still not over the reality that A2 Hosting really is worth going to.

· In contrast, caching is one of the features found by A2 Hosting. It involves the use of Ram or any hard disk and works with Turbo Cache, giving both customers a full speed web experience.

·  Quadruple Redundant Network This function from SwiftServer allows users to stay connected even when many datacenter connections from US A2 Hosting go down.

19.  Customer support services

·   A2 Hosting firmly believes in providing the best possible 24/7/365 service. Although some companies claim that they are providing a similar service, they probably have to leave a message if you need assistance at 3 a.m. because other companies ‘ employees do not necessarily work at night.      

· A2H has a personal touch to it. When you dial at 3 am, you may be asked to leave a message if they are already inundated with messages, however (and this is a significant difference) you should receive a call back as soon as possible. When you read testimonials from current A2H users, you’ll really see that occurring.

20. Staff: Learn more about it

· Both workers at A2H speak fluent English. It ensures you don’t have too several occasions clarify complicated issues because the support person has no idea what you’re talking about. With A2H, support staff never get outsourced.

·   Many competitors believe that outsourcing their support services to overseas, cheaper centers, will save money.

·  The support staff is considered friendly and helpful, no matter how easy or tough your request may be.

21. Guaranteed money back

· If your website goes down for any reason, the sales or prospective customers will cost you a lot.       

·   A2 Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime and the technicians are committed to ensuring that your company lives online always.

·   A2 Hosting uses the most advanced data centers and industry best practices to ensure that your site has all the latest security patches available.

·   Try your own A2 hosting. If you do not decide that A2 Hosting for your needs, a full refund will be reimbursed within 30 days, or a refund on the facilities that are unused will be reimbursed if you cancel 30 days later.

22. Advanced features

You will earn some fun freebies that are worth noting. These are free website newsletter subscription $50 Bing / Yahoo Ad Points, the link listed in Google in 24 hours through Attract In turn, you get a free iContact email marketing preview. You’re getting discounts on WordPress themes from TeslaThemes.

23.   SSL certificate

SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a cryptographic certificate that verifies the identity of a site and encrypts its data sent between the website and its server. It provides an additional layer of security that is essential for payment acceptance sites. It also updates the site address from “http:/www.example.com” to “https:/www.example.com.” A2 Hosting provides many SSL certificates to fit the needs of your company, including basic SSL.

24. CDN

·  Cloudflare is a popular CDN or content delivery network that works to help reduce site load times. This is done by having a community of servers that are globally dispersed and used to store information.

· So instead of having to retrieve files from your main server every time a page is loaded, the CDN retrieves the cached files from the nearest server.

· Cloudflare comes with all storage services free of charge. This is just one more reason that A2 Hosting provides quicker platform load times than its rivals.

25.   C-Panel

·   A2 Hosting uses cPanel, the industry standard for controller hosting panels, and will be familiar to many users.

·   This streamlined GUI makes it easy to execute a variety of tasks, including updating your password, monitoring ads, and using the super-fast powerful Apps App that helps in testing apps before deployment. The ease of use is a considerable plus.





Pros and cons of A2 hosting

There are plenty of pros and cons to weigh up when considering A2 Hosting as your new web host.  Before you decide, consider the pros and cons.


v           High quality, English-speaking, professional support staff accessible by cell, e-mail and online chat 24/7/365.

v           Choose a server position in America, the United States or Asia.

v           Unmanaged and managed plans offering lots of options.

v           Included Unlimited SSDs.

v           Shopper Approved reviews show that 96 percent of reviews posted on their platform will certainly suggest the use of A2H by loved ones.

v           Ideal for WordPress users, and six times faster loading of pages.

v           High-speed load capability. Compared to several hosting providers, A2 Hosting operates at high speed. There may sometimes be unanswered pages, but they only happen once in the blue moon. Lags and load delays are also present, but they’re just like a 1-second delay or so.

v           Reseller hosting options for start-up hosting and expert website designers.

v           Program installation can be done automatically, quickly and securely.

v           10 GB The Quadruple Redundancy Network provides good peace of mind.

v           A2H is 100% carbon neutral.


v           Unsupported Mod Perl, Plexum, HTMLDoc, PDFLib, MS SQL or ColdFusion.

v           They have two data centers. If your target audience is based neither in North America nor in Europe, you’d like to search and choose another nearest service provider.

v           Wide access for Windows users.

v           Slightly more expensive than other hosting schemes (but prices are still competitive)


·   A2 Hosting offers a great deal of diversity in the types of plans and the various inclusions available. Plans can be used for a wide variety of purposes and you can manage your own site or have the A2H gurus do it for you. It’s already designed for consumers of WordPress when you open your page.

· While you can pay a little more for hosting and additional benefits and features, you’re getting high-quality, premium hosting that has 99.9 percent uptime and real 24/7/365 support from people on the phone if you have any kind of problems.

LATEST Asked questions on A2 Hosting

1. Who is the owner of A2 hosting?

A2 Hosting is a privately held company with headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. A2H was established by Bryan Muthig in 2003 and is also their current CEO.

2. What do you mean by A2 hosting servers?

If you already have a domain with a different registrar, you must change the DNS server (DNS) settings to A2 Hosting. Use ns1.a2hosting.com, ns2.a2hosting.com, ns3.a2hosting.com, and ns4.a2hosting.com on your domain registrar.

3. Support

A2 Hosting provides 24/7/365 help via call, email and live chat. They keep their promise 24/7. When you dial them at 4 a.m. in the morning, someone will probably answer the phone (you may be asked to leave a message if they’re overwhelmed by messages, but you’ll get a call back as soon as possible). Which languages does help for A2 Hosting speak? Both A2 Hosting Support staff speaks fluent English.

4. A2 servers are located where?

A2 Hosting manages & tracks all of its web servers 24/7/365. Their primary data center is located in Michigan (United States), with additional data centers situated in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Singapore.

5. Best Alternatives for A2 hosting?

A2H provides high-powered networking options that won’t let you down. The best A2 Networking alternatives are SiteGround, Blue host, InMotion Hosting, Arvixe, and GreenGeeks.

6. Do we have any cheapest plan for A2 hosting?

A2 again is the cheapest joint holiday package is 3.92. If A2H does not meet your requirements, then surely will get a refund in overall within 30 days or a refund for unused service, if you cancel after 30 days. A2H provides a 30-day money guarantee. A2H is the cheapest joint vacation program.

7. Additional things with A2 hosting?

If we buy advertising with A2 Hosting, you get a free trial of Website Online. You’re now having $50 Bing / Yahoo Ad Points. Plus, you’ll get your Google-listed website to Annoy in 24 hours, and you’ll get a free iContact email marketing trial. Last but not least, you get discounts on buying WordPress themes from TeslaThemes.

8. Can WordPress be installed?

A2 Hosting offers you the option of auto-installing and configuring your order on WordPress. Once you have your hosting account purchased, you will receive an email with the login information. The other choice is to use a WordPress soft-click installer with your cPanel control panel.

9. Does A2 host help in the migration of websites?

A2 Hosting offers free migration from the web. If you are using cPanel with your current host, an account will be transferred free of charge to you. If the current site is not on cPanel, you can contact their support team to help with website transition.

Flexibility with A2 cloud hosting techniques:

o   Get up and run fast with the accessible Quick Start Cloud Hosting on A2 Hosting. We promote it for you! It is different from other providers, where you will read contradictory price guidance and perplexing instructions to begin. To choose your tools just use our configuration device! Choosing your RAM, core, CPU velocity, spacing, and OS template takes only a moment.

o   With a Cloud Hosting account, you pay only for the services you use.

o   We will also, of course, have access to our knowledge base filled with things to support you along the way. Have questions yet? Just ask our Guru Crew Support Team 24/7/365. We will be happy to assist!

o   We at A2 Hosting want to ensure that our customers get their page loads as quickly as possible. We agree that loading levels on page all impact from your conversion rate to your bounce rate to your SEO rankings. So, in the SwiftServers you are hosted.

o   Our fine-tuned high-performance framework is SwiftServers. All velocity tweaks and solutions that our SwiftServers have to offer to ensure your web load is as fast as possible. These include features such as our up to 300 percent faster solid-state (SSD) drives, redundant network, and modern hardware. You’re going to love the blazing fast page charge speeds when selecting A2 hosting!

o   Customize your Cloud Hosting account further with your choice of Linux operating systems. Choose the best versions of Slackware, Freebsd, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Gentoo. You can even update the Cloud on-demand with a different operating system or edition whenever you want.

o   Do you prefer to use a control panel to run your account? We recommend the award-winning cPanel control panel! Use your easy-to-use app to handle all your accounts, directories, websites, and communications. Add an inexpensive cPanel license to your account when you set up your Server!

Choosing where to host your important files and websites may be a difficult decision. As much as we try to make choosing A2 Hosting as simple as possible, we understand that making the final call may not be easy. That is why we offer our guaranteed Anytime Money Back. You can try our fully risk-free Cloud hosting. If you decide but we aren’t the right host for you (we don’t think you’re going to reach that conclusion), we’re gonna be happy to give you a full refund.

o   Both the end-user of our Shared and Reseller plans manage their cPanel account. Nevertheless, the Shared Hosting services available at A2 Hosting are tailored for the holders of a single account. That’s because each Shared Hosting account includes a single cPanel control panel for all your domains, so reselling is not going to be possible on this platform.

o   Our Reseller Web Hosting products, on the other side, are for consumers looking to sell their own hosting services. Each Reseller account allows you to create an individual cPanel account for each domain using the WHM control panel.

o   This allows you a very quick way to start your own web host business by offering these smaller hosting accounts to your customers for benefit.

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