Quick websites are very important to your online success. It doesn’t matter what  the work of your website is, from blogging for fun to selling products on the internet, fast loading times will be beneficial to your site. Improving website speed, thanks to increased visibility in search engines, can help you get more visitors. Furthermore, quicker websites have better conversion rates, contributing to more of those users entering the email list, clicking on links, buying products or taking some other important action.

The quick loading of websites is just what was designed for WPX hosting. We’ll look at what this WordPress web host has to offer in this WPX hosting review. You should read this WPX Hosting Review before you start a new WordPress site or consider upgrading hosting arrangements for an existing site, so that you know whether it is the most appropriate option.

Why do you need a short website speed chart?


Let us look at why you might like to migrate to a quicker web host and increase the performance of your website with support of certain data before we get to the proper WPX hosting ratings.

57% of all guests bounce and go elsewhere in some experiments if you load for more than 3 seconds. 80% of guests are never coming back and 50% are going to tell their network of their negative experiences.

You’ll be interested to learn that Walmart discovered that when load times increased from 1 second to 4 seconds, clicks decreased rapidly when you were selling products or providing updates from your website.. Nevertheless, they improved their conversion rate by up to 2% per 1 second of change. Firefox reduced their web load times by 2.2 seconds and boosted loading time by a whopping 15.4%.

Most research and studies show that slow loading times have a negative impact and that improved web speed is advantageous. I’m sure the Website will profit from increased loading times even if you’re not operating a multi millions dollar project. So what’s this’ WPX Cloud’ exactly?

The WPX cloud is effectively a very big, man-made content delivery network (CDN), with 20 + (and growing)’ end points’ all over the planet.

What’s a CDN, not sure


Simply put, using a CDN is like a mini server in the vicinity of any visitor to your website, so that visitors from elsewhere can load and run your website faster and more efficiently.

For instance, we can say you’re a Montana-based nature photography blogger and your site is hosted on our Chicago datacenter with WPX.

Your website will load across North America but lovers of nature would consider that your website is better for them if you access your blog from Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The reason is that your blog content is retrieved from one of our Chicago servers (images and text, mainly) and sent to visitors outside of the United States around the globe.

Alternatively, your famous material has already been copied to the servers worldwide via our CDN to your remote tourists.

If tourists to London, Melbourne, Johannesburg or Tokyo come from a local quick server and not the other side of the world, they’ll see your blog stuff.

The pace development of site visitors worldwide is drastic due to our Cloud CDN.

But is this cloud not the same as any other CDN? 

Actually not. Unlike most CDNs, our cloud is customized for high-performance WordPress hosting specifically from the ground up BY us.

Over the next few months, our WPX Cloud will also have many additional features.

Much more about it!

Furthermore, we constantly test and tweak our Cloud CDN for maximum WordPress performance, and this is something that conventional CDN companies (not hosting businesses)can not or will not do.

This is why speed testing shows how other hosting companies with CDN capacity on the WPX Cloud fully outperform other raw speeds! You can see how quickly our CEO, Terry Kyle’s, runs on WPX Cloud imagery. How can I turn on WPX Cloud on my sites? WPX Cloud

Both WPX customers will be powered on OFF by default until 24 October, although WPX customers are switched on by default on or after that same day.

NOTE: The domains Must be forwarded to WPX Nameserver to operate with the WPX cloud-tell us if you’re uncertain and we’ll be reviewing it.

Login to the WPX Control Panel to switch on your WPX Cloud service. From there, pick WordPress hosting (1) os Management of Services (2); then choose the right key domain URL hosting account (if you have more than one) and click on All Sites management in this account;

Click on Manage All Sites Now, in the left bottom of the menu, click on the WPX Cloud link; the new Cloud tab on the left From the mentioned websites, just click the Toggle button to operate on WPX Cloud; Activate your WPX Cloud IMPORTANT: it will take around 1 hour for the content to be copied and transmitted after activation of your cloud.

You can always ask our friendly support team if you’re not sure what to do and allow the WPX Cloud to be run easily and free on your website!

Since WPX Cloud was not immediately enabled for all clients until 24October 2018, all websites with a new service are stable and usable.

Is WPX Cloud going to work with any website?

Sure, but a CDN is much more useful for some places than others


For starters, if you have a picture, text and opt types of a standard WordPress blog or even a portfolio website (for photographers or artists), the WPX cloud dramatically accelerates the loading speed of your domain.

However, if you have a website with specific or dynamic components, such as an electronic trade website with a single shopping cart, the WPX Cloud does not help so much since our CDN can not cache the dynamic components.

For long-term WPX customers, we recommend W3 Total Cache for improving the performance of Websites through our customized settings. The W3TC plugin IS is still recommended with WPX Cloud, using our best settings. 

Is it open to WPX customers with the WPX Cloud?


From the date of its launch, our Cloud CDN was available to all WPX Hosting clients in every way: Business, Expert and Elite.

For an online entrepreneur like you, such as Cloudflare below, reliable CDNs usually entail significant extra cost; however we decided to add FREE for all WPX customers.

How does WPX Cloud affect my distribution of bandwidth?

That’s not going to be.

All the improvements with the WPX cloud involve where and how guests to your websites access the information as quickly as possible.

Unchanged bandwidth plan limits.

Where are the endpoints of WPX Cloud worldwide?

These are the official priorities as of March 2019:

USA Houston, USA Portland, USA Hollywood, USA Atlanta, USA Kansas City, United Kingdom Silicon Valley, United States Miamis, USA Tourist Official, Canada Amsterdam, United Kingdom London Liverpool, UK Munich, Germany Moscow, United Kingdom Helsinki, Russia Melbourne, Australia Auckland, New Zealand Paris, France Tokyo, Japan Singapore Hong Kong, China Pune, India

 Here you can find out more about our WordPress hosting in Germany (in Falkenstein we already hold a CDN endpoint).

Were you aware of the CDN endpoint of our WPX hosting in Singapore?

WPX is WordPress’s best-managed hosting service. Currently, WPX Cloud Servers hosts BloggingX. Their USPs are of the highest quality for safety, speed and support. We have the best support team I’ve ever met.

Apps— Fulfill all the fundamental functions such as email, staging, SSL, DDOS safety, backup and storage.

Facility to use

4.7 You have a perfect cPanel that is genuinely built for simple use from the ground up.

4.3 The cost is quite small. The demand is rather high. This requires DDOS, regular or on-demand backups at business level.

4.8 I’d like to score them very big, since their team is sound technology (in WordPress too).

Explore WPX hosting Let me check WPX hosting here and explain why I have migrated to WPX hosting. I’m just going to let you know if this hosting for you is appropriate.

WordPress Managed hosting Form Cost begins at $24.99 a month Functionalities

1. Easy replication backups and platform

2. Protection against DDOS

3. Area of staging

1. Competitors

2 Siteground

 3 Free SSL certificates.

 4 Kinsta I began my blog with HostGator, and I decided to move my site to DigitalOcean later after I got tired of their slow load times.

There I saw reasonable page load times, but for me the issue was that the DigitalOcean is a hosting service that was not handled. If I run into problems with my computer, it was only open for help with the ticket system.

Later, I decided to go with good technical support and load times for a good hosting provider. Because hosting is the foundation of every online business, I decided to spend additional funds in order to get a good host.

I met the WPX hosting when that is. Many of the blogosphere’s influential bloggers used it.

So, I assumed why not provide it a chance?

My first impressions…

As i used to be uninterested with the technical support provided by DigitalOcean, i made a decision to travel with WPX hosting as most of my competitors were using it.

Moreover, I had heard tons about their security and speed at that point .

Now, after they replied to me that the migration is completed, I checked the speed of my site. the location speed was lowered by 50% which I’ll discuss intimately later during this post.

The loading speed was super-fast.

If I run into any issues, I can always hit them abreast of chat. they’re super-fast to reply. WPX calls them “support ninjas”. And, it’s true.

Wpx chat

I was impressed by the fast reaction time .

This is very impressive in comparison to the half-hour wait time of HostGator or of 4 hours of ticket reaction time by DigitalOcean.

The support folks are always online always wanting to answer your questions. I mean, they’re super-quick.

So, I made a decision to stay with them. I even renewed my hosting plan on black friday to urge a renewal discount.

Make use of the coupon code – GOBLOGGINGTIPS to urge 40% discount on the primary month price of the WPX hosting plan you buy .

After you complete reading this review, you’ll be clear whether to shop for a WPX hosting package or not.


The speed offered by WPX hosting is superb as I discussed earlier. My website was loading above 5 seconds. But after migrating to WPX hosting, I managed the get the loading speed of my sites to under 3 seconds and even below 2 seconds for a few of my sites.

Wpx speed

Here’s what I got!

Exact same plugins and theme. No changes. No optimizations.

This is quite impressive.

Apart from W3 Total Cache, you’ll also use WP Rocket plugin which is additionally an excellent plugin. But a caching plugin is basically necessary to require the web site speed to subsequent level.

Along with this stuff , WPX has partnered with Thrive Themes. meaning , if you’ve previously bought any of the Thrive Themes products (you needn’t be a Thrive member), you’re entitled to urge 1 year free MaxCDN on all of your sites.

The MaxCDN may be a winner on my behalf as i exploit Thrive products on my sites.

Free website migration


WPX offers you unlimited site migrations. The business plan offers you to host upto 5 websites and also 5 migrations are finished free after the acquisition of the plan. you would like to make a ticket inside the dashboard to initiate the migration on their end.

You can do manual migration yourself, but the downtime could also be a problem . But the WPX manages to try to to the entire site migration with zero downtime.

Free backups


Unlike a number of the opposite popular hosting providers, WPX won’t charge you for creating backups of your site. They’ll backup your sites everyday. you’ll access the last 28 daily backups of your site inside your dashboard. These backups are stored during a separate server and are safe.

Backup restore

Nevertheless, I also suggest you use plugins like Updraft or Backupbuddy if you’re a little paranoid. 

At times you’ll also request manual backups if you’re almost familiar or not confident enough to try to to backups of your site.

Other notable features

Free SSL certificates:

WPX partnered with LetsEncrypt provides your sites free SSL certificates and handles the renewal of those certificates every 3 months on their end. When the SSL is renewed you’ll get a notification email just to allow you to know that the SSL has been renewed.


SSL certificate is the most vital thing you would like to think about . Because, lately Google is marking sites that don’t have SSL certificates installed as not secure.

Apart from the safety perspective, SSL is one among the ranking factors in Google. Sites with SSL certificates have a foothold over the sites that don’t have SSL certificates when it involves rankings and also as conversions thanks to trustworthiness.

So, the way to migrate from http to https? you would like not get your hands-dirty. you only got to contact the WPX support team and ask them to activate https on your sites. After the method is completed on their end, you’ll have perfectly migrated to https with no redirection errors.

DDOS protection:


WordPress sites are susceptible to DDoS attacks. Any online intruder  can send unwanted flooding requests to your servers exhausting your server resources.

This may be made possible with the utilization of XML-RPC feature or the other plugin you’re using in WordPress.

So, you don’t have to purchase a separate DDoS protection service to safeguard your sites.

Incapsula is the best when it involves DDoS protection, and you’re getting it for free of charge with WPX hosting.

The inclusion of Sucuri protection on their plans may be a big winner as you would like not worry about your site getting hacked or getting cleaned.

This feature gives you a peace of mind that somebody is scanning your site to form sure that there are not any malwares, and you’ll get your site easily recovered when something wrong happens.

Note: you would like to also remember that the usage of cracked plugins and themes is prohibited on WPX hosting – you’ll get banned.

Email management


Add new email box

With WPX hosting you’ll create your domain email accounts, as shown within the above screenshot.

You can generate as many email addresses as you want. you’ll forward the e-mail addresses to your Gmail address if you would like . you’ll also assign the storage for every of the e-mail boxes in order that they won’t spend all the online space provided to you.

If you would like you’ll also access the mail app from the browser URL.

When compared to other managed WP hosting solutions the worth is cheap enough. Do remember that they’re offering you zero-wait-time support, enterprise-grade DDoS protection and premium Sucuri protection.

FAQs on WPX Hosting

Does WPX Hosting provide CDN?

Yes. It comes with a built-in native CDN called the WPX Cloud which loads the content from the closest server.

Can I get free SSL certificates?

Yes. you’ll get free SSL certificates with WPX. they need partnered with LetsEncrypt for offering these SSL certificates.

Do they transfer my site for free?

Yeah. The support squad will help you with free transfer services. If you’re not tech-savvy, no got to worry as they’re going to migrate the location for you only within 24 hours.

Is TrafficPlanet an equivalent as WPX?

WPX was the previous TrafficPlanet. Yes, both are equivalent .

How many sites am i able to host with WPX hosting?

It depends upon the pricing plans. With its lowest plan, you’ll host 5 websites. the very best plan supports 35 websites.

Wrap up

You can host your websites either in the US or UK. I have even hosted all my sites in US servers. If the bulk of your visitors are from UK, then consider hosting in UK servers because the ping time would be quick for UK visitors


Our Current Technical Support Limit Policy

While all of us  work very hard to assure  that website uptime and website speed are maintained for our customers’ websites, there are limits to the technical support that we will offer.

In such cases, the unfortunate webmaster whose site is offline thanks to a poorly-coded plugin or add-on and goes to their hosting company (like us) and expects the hosting company to repair the plugin (for free) and obtain their site working again.

This is not a fair and reasonable situation and no hosting company in the world is able to freely fix flawed plugins or applications for 3rd parties because:

1. Highly skilled hosting staff will have to spend hours, days, or maybe weeks fixing one plugin when that’s entirely the responsibility of the first software developer.

2. These skilled hosting developers have already got a full workload with their normal hosting uptime/performance responsibilities.

3. In most cases, properly-coded plugin alternatives exist already and there’s no got to keep using faulty ones.

4. A quote of the many hundreds/thousands of dollars to repair a faulty plugin or add-on software may offend.

5. we will recover a site from the consequences of a faulty plugin/software but cannot and can not recode that software.

6. within the case of our free site migration service, please note that this doesn’t apply if you would like to maneuver a current site to a fresh domain hosted with us. Such a migration is extremely time consuming and will be done at your current hosting company before moving to us.

Also, our hosting configuration at WPX Hosting may be a standard LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) setup and while that ought to work for many well-coded plugins and software add-ons, it won’t work for a few . We cannot and can not re-configure whole servers to accommodate the stress of 1 badly-coded plugin.

We do keep highly tested, proven, and thought of stable releases on all software packages we install on our servers. We generally avoid using customised software and roll in the hay exclusively when there’s no other option. We are using CentOS 7.6 (or the newest available) and stick with the official stable releases of the software packages for this OS, from the official source.

Here are the precise software versions:

Apache: 2.4.34

PHP: 5.6 to 7.3

MySQL: 10.2

With our newly expanded Affiliate Hub, now’s the right time to build up your marketing as a WPX affiliate and make some serious cash.

As our many reviews show here, here and here, you’ll trust your audience with us while also making serious money.

The more referrals sign-ups you bring, the more your commissions will grow!

By boosting your WPX affiliate promotion, your commission for every signup can quickly rise to $100 each, that’s among the very best within the hosting industry.

So let’s jump into 5 under-rated (the biggest affiliates skills effective these are) but very powerful affiliate marketing tactics which will put tons of additional WPX take advantage your pocket:

The email signature is one among the foremost overlooked and underused elements in

For example, don’t use a link like this in your email signature:

Best regards

John Smith

I Like WPX Hosting

Instead, more powerful text versions could be:

Best regards

John Smith

Why I Only Recommend ONE Hosting Service within the World

Best regards

John Smith

Know Which Hosting Service Saved My Online Business?

Best regards

John Smith

I Tried Over 30 Hosting Companies Before I Found an excellent One

Obviously, the text must reflect your experience with us but we are the sole hosting service recommended by Thrive Themes, as an example .

Elsewhere on this page, you’ll see the opposite unique and powerful features of what WPX Hosting offers your audience.

In short, if you employ email marketing, making the foremost of your email signature is one good way to earn more from what you’re already doing.


: Strategic Banner Placement On Your Blog/s

Using a service like Hotjar or Crazy Egg, you ought to know where visitors to your site/s are presumably to click.

Those are the ‘hotspots’ for WPX banners on your websites and this is often a quick and straightforward thanks to drive additional clicks + referrals = commissions.

IMPORTANT: If you’re not exactly sure the way to add our ad banners together with your affiliate link to your site/s, the WPX Hosting support team can roll in the hay for you at no charge and typically very quickly – just ask Iva, the WPX Affiliate Manager or the WPX Hosting Support Team

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program.jpg

As a WPX Hosting affiliate, you’ll maximize your earnings in myriad ways. Firstly, you’ll just add a WPX recommendation in your email signature to let people know that you simply advocate the brand. you’ll also embed the ‘Installed for you’ WPX banners on your website. Besides that, you’ll create a brief , honest, personal WPX testimonial for your audience, send an email or series to your audience and even stage an interview with WPX Hosting CEO, Terry Kyle. Compared to several other hosting affiliate programs, WPX Hosting offers a bigger slew of perks and benefits to its affiliates. From the utmost payout amount to minimum time to payout, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages by signing up for the program. you’ll get access to custom landing pages, have direct access to your affiliate manager, and obtain custom promo codes. The more successful you’re , the larger the commissions.

Commission Rates

$70-$100 per referral

Commission payments are done as soon as 5-6 weeks after signup

Direct Skype access to your affiliate manager Mon-Fri

Fully stacked affiliate hub

Unlimited Free Let’s Encrypt ssl certificates

Average support reaction time is below 30 seconds

‘Fixed For You’ service (WPX Hosting fixes technical issues for his or her customers)

Enterprise-level DDOS protection


After logging in to your WPX Hosting account, you’ll see your Admin area, or Hosting Panel, where you’ll access

certain details about your current account:

Navigate through the Dashboard

Service Type (1): This displays information for the present service/package level, from Business → Professional → Elite, that you simply are using for your WPX hosting account.

Upgrade/Downgrade (2): By clicking on this button you’ll upgrade or downgrade your current hosting package. Before Upgrading or Downgrading, please read the subsequent article:

Status (3): Here you’ll see the present status of your hosting service, whether it’s Active or Disabled.

Registration Date (4): This shows the registration date of your hosting service.

Rebilling Due (5): Here is the maturity for your next hosting service payment.

Recurring Amount (6): this may display precisely what proportion is due monthly or year, counting on your chosen billing cycle.

FTP/MySQL Login Details (7): this is often where you’ll find your FTP and MySQL login credentials.

Server Details (8): Here you’ll find your Server Name/FTP Host, Server IP Address, and therefore the Namservers during which your websites are currently hosted.

Disk Space & Current Month Bandwidth (9): the present disk space usage, current bandwidth usage and limit for your account is additionally displayed here.

You can also learn more about our WordPress hosting in Germany here (we even have a CDN endpoint in Frankfurt too).

Information on your accounting and also about our UK hosting might be found on our website

I was introduced to WPX a few years ago, and honestly I wish I had converted from a shared host earlier. As I discussed within the section about why “Managed WordPress hosting is better” I made the purpose that the time it saved me within the admin panel was well worth the cost alone.

I’m an impatient person that’s rather OCD, and sitting around while WordPress clocks isn’t something I enjoy doing.

The speed upgrade here over a shared host is certainly noticeable, and that’s only for me being selfish and wanting overtime back to be productive. The truth is that WPX gives you a reasonably affordable cost of entry into Managed WordPress hosting and provides speeds that your visitors will love. They tier pricing by usage, so you’ll get to know what quite data you employ .

If you employ a CDN or CloudFlare this may significantly drop your bandwidth usage and prevent monthly cost. Once I used MaxCDN in conjunction with WPX, I survived on the “Business” plan for nearly 9 months before I had to tier supported traffic to the “Professional” plan. Let’s check out pricing.

Try WPX Hosting Here

Monthly Cost: Grade A

WPX has 3 different price points. I found that including MaxCDN’s service, the Business plan at $24.99 per month was quite enough on behalf of me up until I started hitting around 100K pageviews per month between all my hosted sites with their plans. This pushed me into the following level of the “professional” plan which is $49.99 per month.

Because of the worth of what they provide you for the $24.99, I’ve graded them out together of our only “A’s” within the cost category.

While WPX is costlier than other shared WordPress hosts, this cost is minimal once you believe any drop off you’ll experience in subscribers or lost traffic as a result of a slower website. Rather than wasting money testing different WordPress themes, choosing the proper host may be a sound monetary investment and WPX is certainly well worth the cost.

You can also order annually and save about 2 months off the entire hosting costs for the year, which helps.

Site Speed: Grade A

The site is coded alright though, with minimal suggestions for improvement and overall combined with WPX Hosting, grades out at a 94 PageSpeed Score.

Tools.pingdom.com Test: Pingdom comes back a touch quicker, at 2.07 seconds for 860kb of knowledge . With only 43 total requests, there’s not plenty of heavy code on the house page of this site that weighs it down. It grades out at a B performance wise, and only has minimal suggestions to enhance speed, which incorporates alittle amount of javascript from Facebook.

WPX Pingdom Test

Bitcatcha.com Test: supported the response times, it’s entirely possible that this site has CloudFlare installed. Usually when a site has CloudFlare installed, they are available back because the “host” underneath the IP address within the Bitcatcha test. It’s possible that CloudFlare is being integrated through the W3 Caching Plugin, but Bitcatcha isn’t learning a CloudFlare IP.

User Interface: Grade A

WPX is one among the simplest hosts to put in WordPress on. BlueHost is one of the simplest but WPX isn’t faraway . I put a website on my web hosting a/c within 2 minutes for a relative. and since the rear end is so fast, we had her entire website up and running from scratch within a 3 hour timeframe.

It would have taken me for much longer to upload and edit content, move around from screen to screen while installing plugins, etc. if I had been on a shared hosting plan.

Support Grade: B+

WPX gets dinged for not having an 800 number to call if you’ve got problems, but their ticket tracking and live chat services are spot on. I have never logged into support chat and not had someone answer me within 5 minutes of asking an issue . they’re extremely quick to reply , and have done many things I might consider “above and beyond” what a traditional host would do.

For instance, they’re going to install and configure W3 Total Cache for you on your site, so it’s completely optimized with their settings. they’re going to also install CloudFlare and configure it for you. Both of those tasks can take an hour plus to setup if you aren’t conversant in the back-end requirements. Overall – their support is top notch.

Kinsta Hosting: Overall Grade B+

Kinsta is another host that’s been around now for a few years. they’re a Managed WordPress host that leverages the facility of the Google Cloud platform. After reading many reviews, I’ve often been tempted to maneuver to Kinsta from WPX due to what proportion people rave about their service and therefore the support.

Since I don’t have direct experience managing an internet site on their platform, let me explain why I’m going with a “B” on my overall rating.

The reason for the general “B” rating is one thing – cost. For what I’m doing immediately in my business, there could come a time where i would like to check a special hosting platform and that i love the very fact that Kinsta allows for Unlimited Pageviews and Unlimited visitors.

But I already am bumping up to their 200/month level to host even 2 of my money sites with them.

But with where my business is now, I can’t justify the $150.00 per month increase when I’m already getting similar performance metrics with WPX hosting. Matthew Barby recommends them, then does Harsh Agrawal. Let’s jump in and appearance at some details.

Check Out Kinsta Hosting Here

Monthly Cost: Grade C

Kinsta has four primary plans that you simply can choose between . the bulk of marketers that follow Spencer probably fall under the category of getting 1 to five niche websites. This immediately puts most of the people (including me) into the “Business 2” plan which is $200.00 per month.

If you get a lot of traffic from just one website, then from studies I’ve seen, this could be a far better option because Kinsta can perform with heavier loads “all at once” than WPX can.

WPX can view heavy load times as a possible hacking attempt, so if you’re wont to getting 10,000 hits on your site beat a brief amount of your time after sending an email blast, then Kinsta may delay better. most of the people aren’t during this situation though, and if that’s the case, then cost are some things you’ll have to think about .

Site Speed: Grade A

Tools.pingdom.com Test: Pingdom loaded his home page quicker, at 2.5 seconds with 1.2MB of knowledge . There are 113 requests, so this suggests the location has more calls the test server must make before fully rendering his page.

Again, there are a couple of recommendations that he can fancy further optimize his site, like combining his external Javascript, but overall 2.5 seconds for 1.2MB isn’t terrible from a loading perspective, especially when it’s being tested from a server on the US West Coast .

Bitcatcha.com Test: Here’s where the rubber meets the road – Kinsta performed at 35ms (goal is 200ms or below) within the UK, and 86ms within the US on the East Coast . The US West Coast is under 200ms at 143ms.

What’s surprising is that the opposite locations across the planet are within the 200-400ms range without CloudFlare installed. This is often pretty solid for not having CloudFlare as evidenced by the B+ performance grade by Bitcatcha.com.

User Interface: A-

I don’t personally have any experience with the interface of Kinsta on the rear end. However both Jon from FatStacksBlog.com and Harsh from ShoutMeLoud.com are fans of hosting on the Kinsta platform and have done some in-depth reviews here and here about Kinsta. Harsh shows all the small print behind the support structure, and it’s just like the interface is extremely easy to use.

Support Grade: A

While I don’t have experience with Kinsta support, I even have interacted with their sales reps asking about their hosting plans when I’ve been considering testing their services. I got responses the same day on all my outreach and that they were very accommodating to supply the knowledge I requested.

While I understand that sales is way more likely to succeed in out immediately, it does appear as if other industry leaders have some goodies to mention about the Kinsta support team

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